Construction Shop
Station attributes
System Albion
Buildable Yes
Unit Capacity Unknown
Possible Upgrades/Weapons
Ware Production
Primary Ware Consumption
Secondary Ware Consumption
Production Specialists

The Construction Shop (Also known as the 'Construction material shop', or colloquially, among construction workers, 'The Shop') is a factory compound assembling a wide assortment of materials essential to the construction of vessels and stationary installations. It features a considerable number of different manufacturing lines, hence it requires a complex and well-orchestrated supply chain. While most individual productions lines can run fully automated, the operation of the compound as a whole is run by a crew of up to a hundred or more construction workers and engineers.

Module SummaryEdit

Summary of modules (Not yet complete). Production related modules are described on this page.

  • Bulk Tube Stack
  • Bureau Security
  • Command Relay
  • Container Storage
  • Crystal Cuttery
  • Cube Plant
  • Liquid Spheroid
  • Targon Tracer
  • Tesla Duo-Charger
  • URV Launcher
  • Zoltek Bridge
  • Armoury Link

Steel RefineryEdit

Description of module here.

Plate FoundryEdit

Description of module here.

Chemical RefineryEdit