Construction Vessel
Construction Vessel
Construction Vessel
Hull  ?
Shields  ?
Speed  ?
Jump Drive YES
Radar Range  ?
Possible Upgrades/Weapons
HIT/MA Turret  ?
Plasma/MA Turret  ?
Missile Launcher  ?

Ware Details

Description[edit] Edit

This type of vessel is a so-called - SCODA - 'Self Construction On Delivery Assembly'. While similar on the outside, all SCODAs vary greatly internally since most of their components will form part of the very assembly they are constructing. After completion, not much of the original SCODA remains and usually the process cannot be reversed. Therefore SCODA Construction Vessels are for single-use only.

Construction[edit] Edit

The required Wares for the construction of this ship:

This ship can be built by the following stations:

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