Hacker Chips
Base Price 3410 Cr
Ware Volume 1
Storage Type Inventory
Illegal to Heart of Albion

Argon Government

Plutarch Mining Corporation

Licences None


Also called tool-level AGI (artificial general intelligence) or 'AGI on a chip', Hacker Chips employ a highly integrated non-autonomous AGI coupled to an extensive array of interfaces. Due to their lack of an FAI (friendly Al) and their high IQ rating, Hacker Chips are highly dangerous when close to electronic processors and systems and need to be sandboxed at all times. Unscrupulous pilots have been known to use them to help bypass lock-out mechanisms on access control and security panels, so allowing them to enter restricted-access areas for nefarious purposes. The Hacker Chips are single-use and so are expended when employed, which at least prevents their general proliferation. They are regarded by the authorities as weapons-grade threats to security and so are classed as illegal wares throughout all sectors.


This type of item is traded by Black Marketeers.