The X-Games does not have a very strong modding community but if you want to enhance your game take a look on what is done by these guys.

Here is the top 10 list of mods (Updated: 13 June 2014)Edit

1. UFO - Ultimate Fleet Overhaul

Ever wondered why capital ships were just sitting idly while being bombarded by enemies? Ever were angry that your followers were being destroyed in distant sectors while you had long changed positions? If you can answer these questions with 'yes', then this mod is for you. This mod is a complete rewrite from scratch for the escort and capital ship combat scripts.

2. X-Rebirth Re-imagined

SweetFX preset designed to enhance the textures and the overall graphics of X:R without overdoing it. Tested in all star systems to provide the best results in both dark and bright sectors.

3. Build Shipyards

Merely adding the vanilla shipyards to the build list only results in CTDs caused from recursive loops.

4. Ignore Jump Drive Fuel

Following Player ships will no longer require Fuel to use their Jump Drives..

5. More enemies

The new version of the mod changes everything , well in terms of numbers it does every single ship in the universe gets its numbers at least doubled and enemies ships have very small re spawn time.

6. Pimp My Skunk

PIMP_MY_SKUNK(PMS) for The Skunk contain new Diffuse and Specular maps created from scratch for better visuals and immersion.Almost all textures are vanilla size which ensures you wont suffer from Vram inefficiency or any other side effects except maybe a little longer pop-in when entering the cockpit.

7. More Crew

A simple mod that allows up to 9 crew members in the backroom (crew quarters) of the Skunk.

8. Upclose Detailed monitor

Removes all the angled views of the detailed monitor and replaced them with the "upclosedetailmonitor" view. Now you can use your property and manager screens without straining your eyes. Good for those with larger resolutions.

9. Lost Weapons

Adds many new weapon types

10. Young Females

This mod will replace argon female face 2 & 3 to argon female head. Which has a younger looking texture.