Tracker Mine
Base Price 42 835 Cr
Ware Volume 1
Storage Type Inventory
Illegal to Hearth of Albion

Argon Government

Plutarch Mining Corporation


Tracker Mines are deadly devices that have two phases of operation. In the first detection phase, the Mine detects a valid target within outer detection range and initiates a limited manoeuvre to try to intercept or get closer to the target. At a trigger or inner detection range, the second detection phase sees the Mine explosive payload detonate. Tracker Mines are not effective at chasing fast or agile targets, but are deadly against slower susceptible targets and, if used in numbers, formidable against larger and less agile targets too. They are ideal Mines for use in situations where the approach to be used by enemies is not known in detail and there are insufficient non-tracking mines for extensive or dense minefields.